About Us

We Conquer your Tastebuds.

Located in the heart of Jelan Senang Singapore, X Empire Cuisine specialises in Indian, Western and Oriental cuisines. The informal and sociable neighbourhood dining atmosphere offers great tasting food, chic buffet set-ups and professional service catering that is good value for money.

At X Empire Cuisine nourishment rationality is driven by a longing to display the diverse and far reaching food collection, overflowing with flavor and inventiveness, as a multi-tactile feasting background.

We cherish food. Deliberately picked flavors and herbs meet up in various scrumptious both vegan and non-veggie lover dishes. Take a gander at our menu to welcome the adaptability of conventions that mix up one’s taste buds and leave a waiting taste in one’s mouth.

X Empire Cuisine has been evaluated as one of the finest  catering services in Singapore, with its extraordinary stylistic theme, top notch feast in experience, and dependable and delicious take out Indian nourishment conveyance administration. Get in touch with us today!